Unlock the value of your data

At Nieuwe Métallurgie, we love the mining & metals industry – this is where we started.

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Yet we feel that the data generated on-site could be used in a better way: literally, gigabytes of data are generated in a mine, including its plants and ancillary facilities – and under-exploited. This data has value: to feed predictive maintenance algorithms that will save expensive downtime for unplanned maintenance. To optimise the process and identify bottlenecks. To discern unidentified correlations and save money by adjusting this parameter that went unnoticed yet the process is hugely dependent on. Come to talk to us, we have examples – and solutions. More information on the services we deliver.

The outcome for you can be summed up in these words: lower costs, better safety, improved sustainability. Not only by the thorough optimization of your process, or by predictive maintenance, but also by the prevention of downtime events or catastrophic failures, such as SAG mill overloads, or crud formation in the SX plant and phase continuity reversal – the list is long. But not inevitable.

At Nieuwe Métallurgie, we also love data science and machine learning. We are convinced it is the future and the instrument of the digital revolution. We are not alone (check the papers from the Financial Times, Mining.com, and others here). Oh, and McKinsey has an opinion too: the metals & mining companies that harness the full potential of a digital transformation can increase their EBITDA by 6 to 8 percentage points. Find the report here.

Contact us. We are a startup company specializing in data science and machine learning applied to metallurgical engineering. We help mining & metals companies managing and unlocking value from their data stream originated during development, commissioning, production and optimization phases. We have 15 years experience in mining & metals R&D, process development and optimization and we use state-of-the-art data science and machine learning solutions and customize them for the mining & metals needs.

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