Metallurgical development consulting services

In our classical line of services to the metals & mining industry, we propose the following:

    • The management of the strategy, development and scale-up process and execution of the mineral and metallurgical processing developments:
      1. Conceptual / lab-scale phase
      2. Pilot plant
      3. Demo plant and commercial plant
      4. Commissioning, operation and maintenance


    • The preparation, definition and execution of the piloting operations:
      1. Concept statement, goals and general operating strategy
      2. Flow-sheet definition, material balance and unit operations
      3. Basic engineering, technical requirements and the scheduling of the operations
      4. Establishment and review of the PFD, P&ID, GA and SLD
      5. Material requirement for the piloting run (bill of materials, bought-out equipment)
      6. Manpower evaluation (operation shift, maintenance shift, minimum requirements, primary/subcontractor)
      7. HSEC aspects (risk matrix, mitigation strategies, safety protocols)
      8. Definition of the QA/QC requirements
      9. Data collection strategy (parameters, frequency, collection method, use of a Laboratory Information Management System)
      10. Review of the operation and maintenance protocols (focusing on the piloting goals, consistency and HSEC aspects)
      11. Cost evaluation
      12. Post piloting results analysis and reporting to prepare for the demo plant/industrialization.
    • Support for the identification of the metallurgical products outlets, pricing, TC/RCs and possible off-take agreements, supply & demand studies.
    • Support and project management for LCA studies.
    • Support for valorization of the process residues and tailings management studies